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Mayor Jim Gardner's Speech Books

James C. Gardner

Due to heavy demand Mayor Gardner's three speech books are being offered to the public for the first time with a foreword by Shreveport historian, Eric J. Brock. These archival heirlooms are hardbound in a leatherette, wedgewood blue, gold-tooled binding. The unedited, limited, numbered editions have been published in their original typeset. These historical speeches cover the years of 1954-1995. These works of history are showcased in the three volumes that are now ready to be ordered.

Jim Gardner descends from a long line of political figures going back to a fifth removed great grandfather, Pierce Mason Butler and his fifth removed great grandfather, Thomas Bibb, second Governor of Alabama.

Jim Gardner is more than a political figure. He served one term in the Louisiana Legislature and one term as Mayor of Shreveport. During his tenure as Mayor he began the ball rolling to clean up the "Bottoms", in Shreveport.

The reader will get more than a glimpse at what makes James Creswell Gardner the beloved "Statesman" of Shreveport.

If anyone wants to know a historical fact of what happened in Northwest Louisiana, just ask Jim Gardner. He has a memory to astound most readers.

These speech books will be housed in the best of family history libraries and across the state.The books will be a treasure trove of wealth for future generations who need to know more about Louisiana history as well as the beloved Jim Gardner who delivered these volumes of history. These editions will become a part of the permanent collections in the Archives of Louisiana.

The set of three books may be ordered as a set for$149.85 for the set (which includes shipping and handling charges.)

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