Callamura, an allegorical, historical Civil War Novel, penned by the late Julia Pleasants Creswell, native of Huntsville, Alabama and longtime resident of Shreveport, Louisiana, Was first published in 1868 and republished through Ritz Publications in 2003.

Callamura, first published in 1868 in Philadelphia is 411 pages, hardbound burgundy, leatherette, gold-stamped, limited edition of the original, updated with pictures and family history to span nine generations from her grandfather, Thomas Bibb, second governor of Alabama, and her great grandson, former Mayor James C.Gardner, of Shreveport Louisiana.

She was the wife of the late late Caddo Judge David Creswell.

Included within the book are pictures of Julia's wedding dress and her husband's wedding garments worn in 1854 when she was married at Belle Mina, her grandfather's home in Alabama. Also there are pictures of some of Julia's original writing owned by her great great granddaughter, Mimi MacGowan.

The price is $94.95 (which includes shipping and handling.) Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Depending upon the date of your order it may be sooner.

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Book Review
by Nita K. Cole, Archivist
Bossier Historical Center
Bossier City, Louisiana
April 12, 2004

Book Review
Forum Newspaper
by Eric Brock


Ritz Publications was established in 2002 with the publications of 'Poems', a rare, out-of-print book written by the late Julia Pleasants-Creswell, a native of Huntsville, Alabama and a longtime resident of Shreveport, Louisiana. She was the grand daughter of Thomas Bibb, the second Governor of Alabama.

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