Gone Beyond the Law by Joseph Eugene Matlock

In Gone Beyond the Law are traced the waves of westward migration, settling in the Disputed Lands of East Texas, in boundless forests where abundant wild: game and hostile Indians roamed. Against a background of banditry, civil war and conspiracy move the vivid figures of Captain DickCarlisle, the villain, chief of the outlaws; of Geraldine Godfrey, his :pretty common-law wife; of Major Mathis Caswell, the hero; of Senator Robert Potter, first Secretary, of the Texas Navy; Honorable Isaac Van Zandt, Texas' Ambassador to Washington, and General Sam Houston, Texas' first President, all prominent leaders, the "bloody grounds"; of Maxine Lamour, winsome leading lady and Major Caswell's sweetheart; of Gwendolyn Miles, a dashy blond cousin of Maxine's; of conspirators, slaves and cattle rustlers; and of Americans, Mexicans, Indians and slaves.

The novel reveals how banditry was contested and driven out by an ever-increasing number of upright new settlers. It records the hopes and dreams, the struggles and comedies typical of pioneers of that day. The story is one of romance and adventure, is faithful to historical fact, and is accurate in its detailed; presentment of the "Redlands" scene as it was a century ago. --Joseph Eugene Matlock First published in 1940.

Gone Beyond The Law by Joseph Eugene Matlock is being brought back by Ritz Publications. First published in 1940, this rare out of print literary treasure is 464 pages. Reprinted in its' original typeface, in a soft-bound glossy cover. This classic sells for $30.00 which includes shipping and handling charges. You may order online or make check or money order payable to:
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