James Pleasants Creswell

James Pleasants Creswell

James Pleasants Creswell is the son of Julia Pleasants Crewswell, of Huntsville, Alabama, and the son of Caddo Parish Judge David Creswell, of Shreveport, Louisiana.

James Pleasants Creswell met...married his wife, Julia Duval Butler, daughter of Andrew Pickens Butler and Maria Burt Butler, then living at Benton, Louisiana.

They were the parents of one child, Marie Creswell Gardner, the mother of Shreveport Mayor James C. Gardner.

Marie's mother died when she was an adolescent, leaving her in the sole care of her devoted father, who later founded the Creswell Hotel in Shreveport.

After Marie's marriage to Jack Gardner they formed a partnership with her dad and operated the Creswell Hotel together.

Mayor James C. Gardner was the only grand child James Pleasants Creswell ever possessed and he was very proud of his grandson often calling him "The Senator" until his death in 1929 when his grandson was only five years of age.

Mr. Creswell's portrait speaks volumes. He was well loved in the community and to this day there is a Creswell School and a Creswell Street named after his legacy.

Just a few years before his death in 1929 he published Poems, a book authored by his late grandmother Julia Pleasants Creswell, wishing to help build the legacy that she, her ancestors and heirs so richly deserve.

This is the same book that was republished in 2002 by Ritz Publications..

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