In 175 years of Shreveport's history only one mayor has written and published his memoirs: JIM GARDNER

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"An important book and a vital document of Shreveport and Louisiana history, now complete with the publication of the second volume and "the rest of the story." -- Eric J. Brock, Shreveport Historian

James C. Gardner
James C. Gardner

Beautifully bound in gold-embossed blue leatherette, this fascinating (400 page) book also contains a plethora of interesting photographs, many of them never published previously. Copies may be ordered for $44.95 each (shipping and handling are included in the price of the book) from

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In Volume One of Jim Gardner and Shreveport I covered my life from birth to 1959 when I began employment with Southwestern Electric Power Company. It was my feeling and hope that this first volume not only told the story of my early life but gave some historical background on Shreveport that I had uniquely experienced.

Volume Two is more of a personal memoir but at the same time it is something of a story of Shreveport from 1959 until the present time. It covers family, marriages, births and deaths as well as numerous political vignettes. I discuss my relations with numerous political personalities including Bill Clinton, John McKeithen, Chep Morrison, Edwin Edwards, and Buddy Roemer. I have discussed all of the mayors in this time frame and my relations with them. My year as Chamber of Commerce president is covered in some detail in order to give some glimpse at how the business leadership functioned in this period. Hopefully in all of this I am adding to the historical record of Shreveport while sharing family history with my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Writing these two volumes has taken me four years. Not all of this time was spent in actual writing but the book was rarely out of my mind during this period. It has made me sometimes less than good company at home and I appreciate the understanding extended to me by my wife, Ann Welsh Gardner, as well as her encouragement.

I probably would still be writing except for the support of my publisher Sarah Hudson-Pierce who constantly urged me to work hard and complete this volume. My appreciation goes to my daughter Ellen Caverlee for her valuable editing of my works. She is a gem. I am grateful to God for giving me the physical and mental ability to complete this work at age eighty-one.
James C. Gardner
Shreveport, Louisiana
March 2006

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