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Bibb, Thomas

Bibb, Thomas, Descendants

Butler, Andrew Pickens

Butler, Pierce Mason

Butts, Ada Creswell-

Caverlee Wedding

Caverlee, James Buchanan

Caverlee, John

Caverlee, William Brooks

Caverlee, Luke William

Creswell, Frank and Lillie

Creswell, James Pleasants

Creswell, Julia Pleasants

Gardner III, James C.

April 25, 2004, Reception

April 25, 2004, Reception Pictures

New Release...James Gardner's Memoirs

James Gardner's Memoirs volume II

Mayor Jim Gardner's Speech Books

Eulogy for James Creswell Gardner

A Time To Remember by Kenneth Butler Cochran

James Creswell Gardner Eulogy

Joyce Duke Moore Eulogy

Callamura, Book Review by Nita K. Cole

Julia Creswell Book Review by Eric Brock

James Gardner Review by Eric Brock

Complete List of Books Published by Ritz

Bittersweet Morsels by Marcella Simmons


Marcella Simmons by Greg Pearson/The Times

Mike Whitehead, Editor, SB Magazine

1954-58 Shreveport City Council

Sarah Anne Ellis Dorsey's Work Revived

Angel Agnes Revived

Angel Agnes Book Review by Erick J. Brock

Gardner, Jack

Gardner, James C.

Gardner, James C. with Family

Gardner, James C. and daughter, Ellen

Gardner, James C. and Great Grandson, Will

Gardner, Megan Elizabeth

Creswell-Gardner, Marie

Julia's Four GrandDaughters

Pleasants, James Jay

Smythe-Woods, Julia

Smythe-Woods, Family

Sarah Hudson-Pierce's Biography Page

Sarah's Personal Page

James C. Gardner's personal homepage

Complete List of Books Published by Ritz

Sarah Ann Ellis Dorsey - Author

New Release - Tinkerbelle by Robert Manry

'Stone Justice' Review

Reception - June 5th, 2005

Reception - July 17th, 2005


Late Southern Writers Honored

LIVING, Review By Jennifer Flowers

New Release Our Baby's History Illustrated by Frances Brundage

New Release - Gone Beyond the Law

New Release - Will Someone Call the Coroner?


Ritz Publications Book Fair

New Release Our Baby's History Illustrated by Frances Brundage



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