Pierce Mason Butler

South Carolina Governor
Pierce Mason Butler,

Marie Creswell's Great Grandfather

Political Party: Democrat

Born: April 11, 1798


  • Moses Waddel's Academy in Abbeville, SC
  • Captain, United States Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel, South Carolina Militia
  • Banker
Died: December 22, 1846 in Mexico

Buried: Edgefield, SC

Major Events and Accomplishments - 1836-1838
  • Governor Butler appointed a commission to survey South Carolina's public schools in an effort to find areas of possible improvement
  • The Panic of 1837 damaged South Carolina banks, causing periodic suspensions of specie payment over the next few years - 1837
Other Government Positions:
  • US Agent to the Cherokee and Comanche Indians
Other Accomplishments, Honors, Distinctions, etc.
  • Butler died in the Mexican War at the Battle of Churubusco - 1846
Election Results:
Election - December 10, 1836
Butler was elected by the South Carolina General Assembly by secret ballot.

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