Ritz Publications Proudly Announces A Reception Honoring the late 19th century Southern authors whose works Ritz is currently republishing:

Julia Pleasants Creswell, author of Callamura, Aphelia and Other Poems, Poems

Special guest: Great-grandson, former Shreveport Mayor James C. Gardner, author of Jim Gardner and Shreveport

James C. Gardner
James C. Gardner

Sarah Ann Ellis Dorsey
Author of Recollections of Gov. Henry Watkins Allen,
Athalie, Lucia Dare, Agnes Graham

Special Guest: her great-grand-niece, Rose Hohenberger
Rose Hohenberger, great-grand-niece of Sarah Ann Ellis Dorsey
Rose Hohenberger

Rose Hohenberger and Wesley Bradshaw Author of Angel Agnes:
A Story of the Great Shreveport Epidemic of 1873

Wesley Bradshaw
Wesley Bradshaw

Special Guest:
Eric J. Brock, Shreveport historian and Louisiana author,
who found the original manuscript and urged its republication

Shreve Memorial Library
Broadmoor Branch
1212 Captain Shreve

Sunday, July 17, 2005
two until three, p.m.


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